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Proposed Events for 2022

Please Note:


All dates are provisional and social events will commence at 6.30 pm for 7.00 pm

For all social events where food is provided a deposit of £ 5.00 per person is required (to cover the cost of individual cancellation.

Further details will be placed on the Notice Board in due course.

BBQ Saturday 25th June

“Due to unforeseen circumstances the BBQ planned for Later this month is CANCELLED, the Bingo night this Friday will however go ahead as planned. “


Saturday 26th March - Enrolment Day


Friday 1st April - Friday Night Bingo

Cancelled !!!!!!!

Sadly this event has had to be cancelled.


Saturday 23rd April - St George's Day "Bash"


Friday 13th May - Friday Night Bingo


Saturday 27th May - Quiz Night

Cancelled due to lack of interest!!!!!


Friday 10th June - Friday Night Bingo


Saturday 25th June -BBQ 4.30 pm



Saturday 16th July - Race Night


Saturday 6th August - Haynes Park "Open Gala" Day


Saturday 20th August - Summer "BBQ'


Friday 16th September - Friday Night Bingo


Saturday 1st October - Quiz Night


Friday 14th October - Friday Night Bingo


Saturday 12th November - Race Night


Saturday 10th December - Christmas Party