Bingo- Race nights - Quiz nights - Buffets - Dog racing at Romford dog track - Crazy Whist.

Proposed Events for 2022

Please Note:


All dates are provisional and social events will commence at 6.30 pm for 7.00 pm

For all social events where food is provided a deposit of £ 5.00 per person is required (to cover the cost of individual cancellation.

Further details will be placed on the Notice Board in due course.


Saturday 26th March - Enrolment Day


Friday 1st April - Friday Night Bingo

Cancelled !!!!!!!

Sadly this event has had to be cancelled.


Saturday 23rd April - St George's Day "Bash"


Friday 13th May - Friday Night Bingo


Saturday 27th May - Quiz Night

Cancelled due to lack of interest!!!!!


Friday 10th June - Friday Night Bingo


Saturday 25th June - "Mr and Mrs" Night


Saturday 16th July - Race Night


Saturday 6th August - Hayne Park "Open Gala" Day


Saturday 20th August - Summer "BBQ'


Friday 16th September - Friday Night Bingo


Saturday 1st October - Quiz Night


Friday 14th October - Friday Night Bingo


Saturday 12th November - Race Night


Saturday 10th December - Christmas Party