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Executive Committee 2023

President                         Keith Avery

Club Secretary                Pauline Mount

Minutes Secretary           Pauline Mount (to cover)

Treasurer                        David Bird

Men's Captain                 Kevin Gill

Ladies' Captain               Maggie Thong

Maintenance                   Len Ladlow

Bar Manager                   Colin Johnson

Trustees                          David Saggers

Social                              Keith Avery

Committee Members     Joe Blackhall, Pat Wheeler, Julie Dixon,                                             Yvonne Robinson,Phil Simons, Mick                                                    Rigby


Ladies Committee 2024

Captain                          Maggie Thong

Vice Captain                  Pat Wheeler

Ladies Sectretary          Pauline Mount

Match Secretary            Diane Veroft

Competition Sec.           Pat Wheeler

Committee Members.   Julie Dixon, Yvonne Robinson

Selectors                       Pat Wheeler, Julie Dixon

ECWBA Delegate         Ann Aston

Almoner                        Diane Veroft

Catering Officer.            Ann Aston

Mens Committee 2024

​Captain                        Kevin Gill

Vice Captain                Stephen Webb

Hon Secretary             Vacant

Afternoon Captain       Charlie Walker

Competition Sec.        Joe Blackhall 

Match Secretary*        Martin Cuthbert


Members                     Mick Rigby, Phil Simons

Selectors                     Joe Blackhall,  Mick Rigby

Selector Friendlies/

Clockhouse                 Keith Avery

Delegate BDBA/RBA   Martin Cuthbert

Delegate Group IV      Terry Patrick

Almoner.                      Keith Avery

Catering Officer           Vacant

 *(Club Handbook Co-ordinator)

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